Peer Comments

“What sets Peter apart from so many other good lawyers that I know is that Peter is imaginative. He is not constrained by the intellectual box in which many of us find ourselves, from time to time. Indeed, when I have a difficult problem, I go to Peter; When I need someone to listen—really listen—I go to Peter; If I were ever in serious trouble, I would go to Peter.”


“Brilliant, creative, tenacious, and indefatigable, with great contacts to bring specialized resources to bear when appropriate. When you need an issue really understood, from all angles, practical and legal, Peter is your man.”


“Peter’s analytical skills, especially in getting to the heart of a complex problem, are superb and they are matched by his abilities as a negotiator.”


“…a superb lawyer, highly educated deep thinker, kind and giving human being…”


“Peter Gelles brings to his clients an essential skill evident in the top professionals in any field: an ability to think imaginatively about his client’s problem, to look objectively and with curiosity, and then to discover practical solutions. Most attorneys are trained to have penetrating doubt; it is a virtue in the pursuit of truth. But few when they are faced with a novel and difficult situation turn doubt into “so, why not?” Peter works with doubt and uncertainty in the true spirit of an explorer.”


“From Peter’s earliest professional work as one of my law partners in the mid-1970s, I found his analytical and drafting abilities to be among the strongest I encountered. He has continued to focus on providing high quality advice to privately held businesses and sophisticated individuals.”


“Peter is a brilliant lawyer who commits himself 100% to his clients and to getting for them the best possible result. He is a creative problem solver who can find ways to walk through walls. And he is compassionate and concerned about his clients and their welfare.”


“I have worked with Peter for over 20 years. He is the only attorney I turn to on matters involving strategic business law planning issues for my foreign investor clients. Peter has an astute ability and insight to solve complex legal problems. I trust his advice implicitly.”


“Peter is a powerhouse in the region and extremely well connected.”


“Peter Gelles’ law firm has been very helpful to our firm in providing prompt, diligent and high quality service to clients who have been in need of getting legal advice to do business in California and the U.S. in general. Mr. Gelles is a knowledgeable attorney with experience in various practice areas, and with good contacts in the California legal community. We have found that he is always ready and willing to help. We see him as a very good and trusty legal advisor and a good friend. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice to do business in California, and the U.S. in general”.


“Peter Gelles’ ability to deal with all types of complex international legal issues is called into play again and again. This knowledge encourages attorneys and businesspeople worldwide to create alliances with Peter, for both legal and business endeavors. He also possesses an acute awareness of the current cultural climate…anything people are currently talking about…Peter knows about.”


“Peter is sharp and very bright and uses a high level of efficiency to attain his goals. He has the most prominent contacts around the world and also connects foreign legal counsel representing foreign corporations with very qualified and very knowledgeable local counsel to handle matters in the United States.”


“Peter is one of the most outstanding lawyers in his field. He is highly intelligent and clever, but he is also very pragmatic and hard working. He is a master at resolving complicated legal issues. If the issue has a solution, Peter will find it.”


“Anticipating the ongoing worldwide globalization of the business and its main actors, Peter is able to ensure that his clients and associates have the proper solution or he is able to introduce the right person into the picture on a worldwide base, being able to play successfully across America, Asia and Europe as well.”


“Transactions are, at the best of times, difficult to manage and when they are cross-border, that complexity increases. So it is essential in cross border transactions to have, on your team, trusted advisers who can respond quickly, commercially and who can maintain a sense of humour even when the going gets tough. Where I am involved in an inbound US foreign investment transaction, the first person I will call is Peter.”


“Peter’s input into family law cases on which he and I have worked together has been invaluable. He is quick to grasp family law concepts, even though outside his primary area of expertise, and his input on financial, fiduciary duty and other areas to be explored is truly uncanny.”


“An invaluable resource in my practice….Peter has provided sophisticated and practical advice regarding business transactions, real estate law and arts related matters in support of complex U.S. and international wealth transfer and estate planning matters.”


“One of Peter Gelles’ talents that sets him apart from most attorneys is his ability to obtain excellent resolutions of disputes for his clients without litigation, and often without the assistance of mediators. I have known Peter since 1978, and have seen him do this many times over the years. It’s an impressive talent. And when litigation becomes necessary or cannot be avoided, Peter has a firm grasp of the process, the personal dynamics involved, and always what’s most important for the client, even though he is not a full time litigator.”


“I have had the opportunity to co-manage complex, high dollar, multi-party litigation with Peter. Although there were several excellent other attorneys involved, it was Peter’s insight and dogged determination that led us to a favorable settlement for our client. The result was possible because Peter sees both the forest and the trees.”


“I first worked with Peter when he was acting as a personal general counsel for a client involved in complex, high stakes litigation. Peter did a great job. He marshaled the right resources and kept his eye on the big picture strategy while rolling up his sleeves to comment on the day-to-day filings and tactical discussions. He also made himself available at all hours to provide comments on behalf of his client, while remaining keenly attuned to the kinds of issues that required the client’s direct input. Equally important, he stood up to us as litigation counsel when warranted, and his contributions added significant value.”


“Due to his knowledge and sensitivity to people and different cultures, Peter is able to understand the parties’ interests and requirements and to bring them together to a mutual interest and understanding, so that a meeting of the minds and thus a mutually advantageous closing of the deal can be achieved.”